Wednesday, 8 May 2013

my mailart to Kirsi

I just heard from Kirsi that she received already today my stitched mailart. So here are the pictures of what I have stitched for this exchange.
This being my first mailart exchange it wasn't easy for me to decide on the shape and material for the envelope, but I think I did a quite good job. 
The fabric is a 30ct. linen from Weberei Wedding in the color "maize" that I then over-dyed in a brown dye bath to give it a nice aged look.
The threads are regular DMC threads except for the brown thread I used for the alphabet. That one, and the one a gave to Kirsi as a gift, I dyed myself in the same dye bath as the fabric.
Here is a better picture of the over-dyed floss that I attached to the peacock thread keeper.

The idea for the thread keeper came while I was stitching the envelope. I knew I had those big eyelets and I thought they'd be perfect for this purpose.
The fabric for the thread keeper is a small model piece of upholstery fabric.

I love to stitch on unconventional fabrics and I do quite a bit of my own projects on whatever fabric is can find around the house.

Thank you Kirsi, for this wonderful exchange. I love the envelope I received from you and I enjoyed stitching this one very much.
This being my first mailart exchange I hope I will have the chance to do many more as I really like to stitch these.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Guardians of the Sea - The little Stitcher

At the moment I am very busy finishing Kirsi's mailart and therefore I don't have anything new to show. So I was thinking to copy a few of my old blogs posts just to keep this blog going.

On "My Needleart" blog I asked how people would like it if I am doing finishing tutorials and the reaction was quite positive. So this is what I am doing as well. My first tutorial will be a special kind of thread keep. I finished the stitching last night and as soon as I get more daylight, I will start taking step by step photos.
I hope to have the tutorial ready for publishing in the second half of this month.
But here is now a project that I finished a few month ago.
I have been finishing a few projects during this March. My latest finish is a small project pouch. 
The design is called "The Guardians of the Sea" by The Little Stitcher.
The colors are so soft and beautiful.

The design is stitched on a laced linen band 28ct. in DMC.
I bought the lace band and the flower fabric both from Emmuli.
The outside fabric is a natural linen I had in my stash.
The ribbon is a piece of upholstery ribbon.